What is the Social Media Managers Association?

The SMMA is the Professional Association to train, support and inspire Social Media and Content Marketing Managers worldwide. An organisation set up to help people increase their knowledge, credibility, know-how, attract new clients, make more money, reduce stress and really take control of their business. The only organisation in the world dedicated to your on-going and total success as a professional Social Media and Content Marketing Manager.

Why was it set up?

The SMMA was set up to fill a huge gap in the market to help train and support people to become professional Social Media Managers. Recent market research has found that more people from various backgrounds are interested to become a Social Media Manager, but find the information available confusing and often contradictory.

There are many courses on becoming a Social Media Manager, but very few offer the ongoing support, updates and advancing training techniques in an industry that is ever changing.

Gaining the skills to be an on-going and successful Social Media Manager is often overlooked by most people.

That’s why the The SMMA is so important to you if you want to start, succeed at and grow your Social Media business to new heights. We provide all the tools and resources you will require to fulfill your dreams of increased business, financial freedom and sheer enjoyment for what you do.

Can I still join even if I’m a Social Media Manager already?

Yes of course you can. The SMMA was created to train, help, support and inspire new and existing Social Media Managers at all levels. If you want to take your Social Media business to a new level then The SMMA is for you. You would still get access to all the training and tools, which would help reinforce and expand you existing knowledge.

Can I be a member if I live outside the UK?

Yes. We are an international Association with members worldwide and whatever your goals or experience we can help you.

Do you need any previous experience to start?

Absolutely not. You bring the enthusiasm and we’ll bring the training, tools and support. We offer you all the training to help you start and grow a successful business as a Social Media Manager.

What about Refunds?

No refunds are available once payment is received. This is because you have been able to access and download the course content and materials. If there is any other problem we will of course do our best to sort it out for you.

Do you offer support throughout the training?

Yes, you can ask questions directly from within the training modules.

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