Get Professionally Trained

With years of experience and our finger on the Social Media Pulse. We offer you the training and support second to none!

Excellent Income Source

You could earn an excellent income working from home with our step-by-step training, guidance and support.

Growing Demand

Demand for Social Media Managers and Content Marketers will continue to see massive growth and yet the industry is still in its infancy! Over 58% of businesses are looking to outsource their Social Media and Content Marketing in the next 12 months.

Join and Succeed With The Professionals

We realise the Social Media world has become somewhat overcrowded in recent months!

We share expertise from some of the best minds in the industry – to give you the ultimate all-access solution for running a
successful Social Media and Content Marketing Manager business.

No more scratching your head, jumping from one “expert” to another or doing one seminar after another — it’s all here designed to help you
cut through the mire and get the training, support and tools you need to succeed.

Here are 6 great reasons why you should join the Social Media Managers Association

  • High Demand

    Huge Demand across the world! No matter where you live, you know the popularity of Social Media is exploding!

  • More Businesses Outsourcing

    With Social Networking on the rise, more and more businesses are looking to outsource their Social Media and Content Marketing.

  • You Can Work From Home

    No need to commute, have offices, expensive leases, rent or rates. This can work around you and your lifestyle.

  • Totally Mobile and Flexible Business

    You can do this from a Laptop or Tablet and run it from anywhere in the world. It’s totally family friendly, in other words it can fit around your children or lifestyle.

  • Get Earning Quickly

    We train, guide and help you get going in the fastest possible time. Our system is designed to help you start or grow a business as a Social Media and Content Marketing Manager.

  • Be Your Own Boss But Never Feel Alone

    You can choose your own hours, your own times and who you want to work with. And, you can make a handsome ‘executive-like’ income without the hassles and stress of working for some ego-driven boss! You create your own rules, and decide how much you want to do.

Everything You Need To Earn An Income As A Social Media and Content Marketing Manager

Social Networking and Content Marketing is no longer a ‘should’ for business owners, it’s a MUST! They must ‘use’ social networking and content in ways that engage, builds trust and adds value to their audience. The problem is, most lack the knowledge and almost ALL lack the time, making this one of the most “growing” and in-demand services in the world today.

  • Make money hiring yourself out to local businesses
  • Everything you need to start your own Social Media business, or offer a new service to your existing clients etc
  • You could earn an excellent income working from home with our step-by-step training, guidance and support
  • No experience required. Full training and ongoing support included
  • Work full or part time


Earning potential is easy to understand and operate. You charge a set up fee, followed by a monthly maintenance charge (we teach you exactly how to do it!).

  • Effectively Manage Your Clients Social Media and Content on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis
  • Work Just A Few Hours A Day

Get all tprodimagehe business tools and templates you need to start and grow your business.

Business Starter Kit

Marketing Resources

Client Agreements, T&C’s, NDA etc


Members Worldwide

Simple System

We’ve designed the initial and ongoing training to be easy to understand and apply. There are far too many people complicating things in the industry, but not us. To begin with you should understand that we have thought about what a Social Media Manager would need to go out into the market today and succeed.

Flexible Working Hours

You can work for as long as you want. The truth is you decide how much you want to earn in any week. If you want more money you put in a few extra hours, if you’d got a holiday planned or the kids are off School you can do a lot less. It’s totally your choice. There are no set hours because you’re the boss!

Work With Who You Like

You can niche the types of industries you work with, for instance, if you like fitness, you can target fitness professionals and PT’s, etc. If you like cupcakes you could look at targeting bakeries and delicatessens, etc. Because every serious business needs a good Social Media and Content Marketing strategy, you’ll never be short of potential clients.

Take Our Professional The Social Media Training Course NOW!

This course gives you everything you need to become a Social Media Manager

As well as the latest and greatest Social Media and Content Marketing strategies and tools, you’ll be learning the most effective best-practices of Social Networking too.

A Few Testimonials…

Doing the Social Media and Content Marketing Manager training was one of the best decisions I could have made, I already had Social Media and online marketing experience but not the confidence to go at it alone. As I went through the training I realised that there was a lot that I did not know, as the Social Media world changes so much and there are so many little things that could improve online presence. I am now confident enough to run my own business and approach potential clients, which is something I never thought I would do. I found my first paying clients just one week after I completed my training, which was amazing and it has been all go from there. The modules were simple to understand and well written making it very easy to grasp which was a great, especially if you are completely new Social Media and online marketing. So if you are thinking about doing the Social Media and Internet Marketing Manager training, I would highly recommend it!

Averell S

Even as an experienced online marketer I found the SMM course to be absolutely first class in every way; from concept to delivery and application. I saw a 200% increase in leads for Social Media Management projects compared to my past marketing campaigns as a direct result of having completed the course. I even managed to land a gig with ASDA Walmart developing their SM strategy. Simply outstanding quality. I can highly recommend Social Media Manager Training Course with the Social Media Managers Association.

Clare Chambers
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